by Nightshock

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released April 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Nightshock Florence, Italy

Deformed on 19/10/2013

Lorenzo Bellia: grotesque disorders - Giulia Bellia: rumbling pandemonium - Simone Perchiazzi: lawless chaos
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Track Name: Nightshock
Crawling out from the grave
Blind and deaf, urban waste
You look for love, we have no soul
We lust for death and rock'n'roll

We'll give you everything you need
You will sleep eternally

We will die, what a disgrace
We will live to fuck your face
Talk to us it's no use
Get ready for the abuse

We'll give you everything you need
You will sleep eternally
Track Name: Black Demise
Destiny awaits. It's done, it's all the same
Ceremonial death, conform to what they tell
If i could make it through i wouldn't need to deny you

Centuries of lunacy
Searching for mortality
You will never see the light
Black demise

Lies possess your soul, it happened ages ago
Will you scorn me when you'll feel hot in the cold?
If i could make you laugh then you will beg for trust

Love and hate, play the fool
Judge and jury, no excuse
No forgiveness for your crimes
Black demise

Endless time, death of life
Can you see the end in our eyes?
We paint colors for the blind
Black demise
Track Name: Faith And Dishonor
Something to fight and nothing to lose
Holding our ground we have no excuse
You still disrespect, you still point the finger
You will disappear when fate pulls the trigger

Faith and dishonor

We came for peace, you asked for war
We put you on your knees, you asked for more
You turned into victims, you said it's our crime
Only the truth will stand the test of time

Faith and dishonor
Track Name: Nothing Will Remain
Butchering their bodies one by one they die
Killing, raping, murdering, the end is in sight
Iron bullets storming, life turns into waste
Absolute catastrophe is the only way

Nothing will remain

Relentless attack, unstoppable force
Weapons of steel kill with no remorse
Tactical artillery advancing through the night
War is the answer, now it's time to strike

Nothing will remain

Civilizations collapse
Sent into the world of the dead
Pray for the rest of your soul
Because tonight your head will explode

Total alarm, new enemies in sight
Rise from the chaos, fight with pride
Hate blinds the eyes lusting for death
No names on the tombs, no one will remember you

Nothing will remain
Track Name: Cemeterial City
They say we're dead, we're fucked in our heads
We play the fools tonight
It's about years, we smell all you fears
We remain out of sight

Nothing happens here, it is very clear
It's death, can you feel it?
It's the cemeterial city

We are undead, you are what you have
And we cannot forgive
It's all the same, we laugh in your face
And we can't stand still

Multicolored tombs, an expensive doom
The illusion of living haunts the cemeterial city

Cemeterial city
Track Name: Roots Of The End
The terrifying unglyness of immortality is the only sacrament
Still you cannot see

Roots of the end, total fucking death

The tragedy will soon awake, it will rise from the soil
Standing tall upon the waste, trap you in its coil

Roots of the end, total fucking death

Apocalyptic nightmare coming from below
The seeds that we planted are killing us all
Self deprivation, an ironic death
Self devastation will send us to hell

The terrifying unglyness of immortality is the only sacrament
Still you cannot see

Roots of the end, total fucking death
Track Name: Funeral Chain
A test of time to prove we are out of mind
Illusions rule beneath the surface, it's no surprise
Imperfection, a truth we can't deny
Punishment, technologic suicide

Trapped into a fantasy, no way out
Blind and deaf, guilty and fed, soon to crush down
A dead end road leads to our end
Chained to our souls the sentence is death, is death

Degeneration of every mistake
Purification is the only way
Centuries of tragedies and still we cannot learn
Everyone will disappear, the wheel of time will turn

Funeral chain

Thermodynamic collision with fear
Pshycodisaster as your end is near
There's no way to prove it right and there's no guarantee
Everyday it's all the same we can't wait to be free from the funeral chain

Funeral chain